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"Graceful Craftsmanship. Brutal Efficiency."

-The description of Lastimosa Armory from the Titanfall insignia description

Lastimosa Armory is a weapon manufacturer in the service of the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation. It manufactures many of the weapons found in Titanfall, though mainly ones used by infantry. It's insignia can be found on the:


In addition, Lastimosa Armory also manufactures the cut Fukuda Battle Rifle, which bears a Lastimosa emblem.

Lastimosa Armory shares (And presumably is named after) its' name with Ryan Lastimosa, one of Respawn's main weapon artists who designed many of the weapons used in Titanfall. It also shares a name with Captain Tai Lastimosa, a pilot working for the Militia.

It is possible that Lastimosa is related to Brockhaurd Manufacturing due to their similar emblem designs.