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The R-Series is a platform of weapons manufactured by Lastimosa Armory. There are several weapons in this category, and all appear to use similar components (Such as a shared reciever).

R101-C Carbine[]

"They'll call us terrorist or worse, but we can't win playing by their rules." - MacAllan

The R101 is the standard carbine used by both the IMC and Militia. It is a 24 round carbine that has a role in almost any situation and is compatible with a variety of mods including;

  • HCOG Sight
  • Holosight
  • AOG Scope
  • Suppressor
  • Extended Magazine

Amped R101's do more damage, possibly due to use of Hollow-Point rounds.

R102-C Carbine[]

The R102 is a successor to the R101 carbine used after the destruction of Demeter.

R97 Submachine Gun[]

"Merc gear. Better keep moving, nobody hires just one bounty hunter." - Sarah, outside Cobalt Station

The R97 is an SMG of similar construction to others on the platform. It is a short-range, fast-firing weapon designed for CQC encounters. It supports the following mods:

  • HCOG Sight
  • Scatterfire
  • Extended Magazine

C.A.R Submachine Gun[]

"It's not all trash on the black market." - Blisk

The Combat Advanced Rounds Submachine Gun is another SMG based on the R-platform.

Longbow DMR-Sniper[]

"Synthetics has its advantages. I can see from a cliff that you can't even imagine." - Spyglass

The Longbow is a marksman rifle used for long-range sharpshooting.

An Amped variant, sporting an Active Radar scope is available.